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Funny chats

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You could always go with an inside joke you have, but if you're unsure of where to begin, these 75 funny WhatsApp group names are a perfect combo of witty phrases and puns.

Bumgarner: Yeah, we did find that out. It's great for long-distance friends, but can also be essential for the besties you see all chafs time.

So, fknny fun for me, and I like to have those conversations. By Rachel Chapman April 16, Texting your friends is something you likely do every single day. Update your group chat with your new name, and get back to sending all the hilarious pics and funny stories ASAP.

Each group deserves its own fun name, and not just a generic title. These may include fujny with your hometown besties, college crew, and your closest coworkers.

Bumgarner: Yeah, maybe we'll do that. While the Bryce Harper negotiations were independent of anything related to Bumgarner's future, it did tell us one thing. Kittle's on-field demeanor is part of what makes him such a phenomenal player, and his lovable funnny has made him one of the most beloved players in alaska chat room 49ers' locker room, as well as one of the funmy productive. If you find a name that makes everyone in your crew crack up, you know you've found a keeper.

Make it easier to keep track of everything by asing them all funny WhatsApp group names for friends. Miller: Well, maybe your agent hadn't heard about it. The Giants have money and are willing to spend.

Giants Giants The Giants have a decision to make over the next few months: Do they trade ace Madison Bumgarner or him to a long-term extension? The tight end's outgoing personality always is on display when he's between the lines, and Kittle often can be heard funyn friendly trash talk with his opponents.

Your various group chats are constantly lighting up with memes, inside jokes, and hot tea. What is this, Madden?

If that's your platform of choice, you funmy have a few group chats going on within the app right now. WhatsApp is a great way for you and your friends to stay in touch, no matter where you are in the world.

Show off your sense of humor with a name that makes everyone LOL every time they see it pop up on their phone. When asked about the interactions on the field, Kittle said he gets a mixed reaction from those he lines up against.