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Sexting numbers exchange

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Sexting numbers exchange

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If we our forces together we can prepare and equip our teens to make good decisions about what they post and share on-line. Randomly, exchanye your teen share with you any photos in their phone and computer gallery. Talk to teens about inappropriate and appropriate use of modern technology. Finally, level of religiosity did not play a substantial role in whether students participated in sexting.

There was no ificant difference between the percentage of males or females who sent or forwarded a friend talk explicit picture via cell phone, but ificantly more males than females Have your teens take an internet safety class. Teach your teen to not respond impulsively to anything on-line or via text. This is a scary reality about operating on-line.

This way you can periodically check to make sure everything their posting is acceptable. Most importantly, encourage an open dialogue between you and your teen. The current study aimed to assess the current and potential future impact of sexting by determining the prevalence of this behavior among adolescents.

We need to offer programs that help teens realize the consequences of abusing technology. Parents are not the only ones who have a responsibility in educating youth about sexting; Educators, Community Members and Business Leaders also play a vital role. Our programs need to be tailored to both the teen and parent, as both parties need to be made aware of the repercussions of internet abuse.

Know who your teen is hanging out with both online and offline. Encourage your teen to evaluate the consequences of posting their thoughts or pictures before hitting the send button. They were asked a series of questions regarding their experience in sending, receiving, and forwarding sexually explicit pictures via cell phone.

Often unbeknownst to adolescents, sexting poses a of legal and psychosocial threats, and youth, parents, and school administrators must understand this phenomenon and its potential impact on teens in order to de appropriate educational measures. For Parents 1. The implications of this for interventions and exchangee research are discussed. Year in school was also inificant; older students i.

These data make clear that ificant s of adolescent boys and girls are engaging in sexting despite the many potential serious consequences of doing so. Filtering can help a trigger happy teen from making a permanent, potentially life altering mistake. We need to teach teens how to safeguard themselves in a techno savvy world.

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